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Corporate artistic residency

bouton art'monia
coeur spirale orange et rose

My art to harmonize the material and subtle planes,

so that the projects of companies and organizations

be the reflection of the inspirations of their soul.

How does an Art'Monia artistic residency work?

The artistic residency has three stages:


1 /I make aglobal energy diagnosisof your ecosystem.

  I identify areas of fluidity and blockage.


2/I create aartwork vibratorywho will come to support, liberate and optimize.

It can be permanent or ephemeral depending on the needs.

  It can be a poem, an instant dance creation,

  from a digital illustration or any other inspired form.


3/I suggest avenues for developmentto anchor the transformation.

art numérique réalisé avec affinity photo
illustration numérique réalisée avec affinity designer
illustration numérique réalisée avec affinity photo
illustration réalisée avec affinity photo

Vibratory works Art'Monia

digital illustrations

Découvrez mes illustrations vibratoires harmonisantes dans ma boutique en ligne.

The artistic residency is aimed at both individual and collective companies and organisations.

It can be done face-to-face or remotely.

bouton de renseignements
coeur orange et rose

Art'Monia is my signature offer: What does it mean?

Mysignature offeris the one that calls on all the skills that I have developed along my personal, entrepreneurial and spiritual journey.

offre signture
palette d'artiste et de compétences

Thus, in my artist's palette, I put at your service:


my creative virtuosity

my spiritual intelligence

my intuitive inspiration

my pedagogical instinct

my expertise in human psychology

my empathetic gift

my seo writing skills

my taste for poetry

my talent in digital illustration

my ease in instant dance creation

my dexterity in plastic arts

my connection to the subtle vibrational planes

my freedom

Découvrez mes articles de blog et mes autres propositions d'art en entreprise pour développer une entreprise vivante, consciente et intuitive

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