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art en entreprise

Art in business

entreprise vivante et consciente

Since 2012 and reading the book by Getz and Carney "Liberté et Cie", I have been passionate about these companieswho choose to free themselves from top-down management. Giving back all the place to the human being at the heart of the project, trusting, daring to try, grope, experiment, this is in line with all my fundamental values.

I am also delighted with the creation of the economic chair of peace at Grenoble School of Management, the concepts of permaentreprise, regenerative business, opal organizations.


I am enthusiastic to know that meditation, self-knowledge, are now an integral part of the daily lives of many employees. I rejoice that some leaders gather in circles of enlightened leaders and claim their love of spirituality and that others (perhaps the same ones?!) appeal to shamansto connect with the soul of their business. I applaud when intuition invites itself into strategic decisions.

This lasting irruption of the invisible spherein the entrepreneurial world, is for me one of the greatest markers of this societal paradigm shift that we are experiencing.

How my art accompanies

this change?

entreprise régénérative

The regenerative business

By supporting harmonization

material and subtle planes

thanks to my offers:


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artmonia offre entreprise
art en entreprise

If, like Valdie Legrand, founder ofPractice, you also think that


"Every company should have its artist!"

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